"Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance." Eckhart Tolle

Our principles

No ads evers

Ads aren't just annoying — they commonly invade your privacy and track your digital activity. We'll shut down before we turn to advertising to support us.

Data freedom

We aim to provide a useful service — not hold you captive. Export everything you've made at any time for free without any hassle.

If every additional user is helping to keep the project alive, paying for feature development, hosting, emailing and continued maintanence, this project can and will thrive.

Supported by our users

We will always have a free version, but as a paid user you can directly help us build a product that will last a lifetime.

We have an open and up-front business model. You pay and we keep your memories online forever. There's no guess work about how the site will stay up, or whether your data is yours. We are built to run at minimal cost, and to scale well. As long as we have paying users, the service will continue to stay running and online.


Our database itself is encrypted, so even if an attacker got access to it, they could not read the information.

All data sent to and from us is encrypted and stored in a secure location.


Your information will never be shared or sold.

Only you can view your entries.

No Facebook. No Twitter.

Any personal information you give us will never be shared with third parties

The hope is to make Grateful Diary run for decades to come with your support and we'd love to hear from you.